Campaign Comprehensive

What is Campaign Comprehensive?

REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT – persistence is key to any marketing campaign. So is quickly following up interest identified by your e-marketing platform, and then acting on it – FAST. Experienced marketeers know this, and that most recipients are unlikely to respond immediately – even if the product or service is perfect for their needs.

Perhaps it’s not the right time to buy, they’re too busy or you’ve not broken into their consciousness yet. That’s why emails should be repeated in a planned campaign, with testing, ongoing analysis, recipient engagement alerts and more.

If email marketing isn’t your area of expertise and you feel a little out of your depth, or if you need to focus on other important projects, then Campaign Comprehensive is the ideal service for you, delivering an intensive campaign from start to finish and helping you achieve the results you are looking for. Available as a bolt-on EXTRA if buying 2,000 or more contacts data – the full service is detailed below..

When to use the service

For the testing out a new product, service, customer contact, survey or other strategy

When new market sectors or audiences need to be engaged with quickly and effectively

If time, knowledge and/or the other resources needed to create and deploy email marketing campaigns are not available internally.

What you get with Campaign Comprehensive

Setting up your domain and email account on our e-marketing platform, then mailing out the campaign so that its arriving from your email address to all of the contacts on the data list

Re-sending of the campaign approximately every 7- 10 days over two months to the same target audience, less unsubscribes

A copy of our Check List for Success which provides advice on the key components you will need to have in place before you start the campaign.

Weekly reporting to you any evidence of email openings and/or the passing on of the content to colleagues, so you can follow up directly to cultivate their interest. This follow up might include offering: testimonials, a consultation, 'free' services, a LinkedIn connection, product/service assessment papers, demonstrations, etc

Analysis of campaign delivery and interaction statistics, with advice on follow-up actions

Campaign Comprehensive (CC) options and pricing

Our standard and most popular package is CC2000 – which includes all of the above elements for a two-month campaign to 2,000 or more carefully selected targets, costs £1250 + VAT

Contact Charlie Langley – one of’s B2B data marketing experts – for a free no-obligation discussion


Clients we have worked with

We work with organisations and budgets of all sizes across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors globally. Our clients range from start ups and sole traders through to SMEs and global organisations such as: Google, Manpower, Mars, Trinity Mirror, Barclays, The Bank of England, IBIS and Hays.