Why HeadsOf.com?

Good business intelligence enables smarter working

A recent report by IDG Research concluded that companies with effective data as their backbone achieve growth rates 35% higher, year-on-year, than comparable organisations which don’t have quality information. The impact of BREXIT, competitor activity, declining customer loyalties and major changes in the way we work, make it more important than ever to make informed decisions and execute plans efficiently and precisely.

Since we communicate and sell to people rather than the organisations they work for, the quality of the information about individuals is particularly important. This type of data is the most perishable, typically decaying at up to 70% per year. People’s lives evolve continuously – they change jobs or titles, move up, down, sideways, onwards or retire. Some die.

Successful outcomes rely on fresh, accurate data

Keeping on top of all of this is a massive challenge but the outcomes of all sorts of activities – including sales, marketing, customer service and business prospecting generally depend heavily on it. Without up-to-date contacts data, the loss in opportunities, time, money and other resources can be enormous.

The data held by most organisations about people, other than their own staff, will usually have a focus on current or lapsed customers, partner firms and previous business leads. For most B2B sales and marketing campaigns, however, the objective is to find NEW customers, so the acquisition of external data from reputable sources to power these activities is a key issue.

At its worst, if you choose the wrong data supplier you could end up with expensive, unfocused and out-of-date information that doesn’t help you at all – data that could even damage your position and reputation and affect your GDPR compliance.

The HeadsOf.com solution to obtaining fresh data
We concentrate ONLY on data about key B2B decision makers, ie the heads of organisations, CEOs/MDs, and the heads of particular areas such as: IT, HR, Finance, Operations, Legal, Technical, Procurement, Sales and Marketing.
For each of these job areas, apart from CEO/MD, we can provide data for a range of job titles to enable your targeting to be tightly focused.
Alert BI has invested over £10million ($12 million) in state-of-the art systems and technology that is continually being up-dated and developed. The result is a string of ground-breaking services, of which 13 are unique to Alert Business Intelligence.
For HeadsOf.com this enables us to constantly check, refresh and re-index the live data – and to pinpoint and delete what's out of date.

Why choose HeadsOf.com?

1. HeadsOf.com specialises exclusively in fresh contacts data

3. Each contact record is validated just before we send you the data

4. We test each email address for deliverability - so no hard bounces

5. Business-only email addresses supplied - no general or personal ones

6. We send you a file of FREE live example data for you to check out

7. We give a "No quibble" guarantee - any issues at all we will fix them

9. No minimum order - buy as much or as little data as you choose to

10. If you can buy the same data for less elsewhere, we'll price match

12. We have been a provider of fresh business data since 2005


What our clients are saying

Purchasing data is always a minefield – we have used several providers in the past and have struggled to find the quality and accuracy we need.
The team behind AlertBI’s HeadsOf.com service are helpful and responsive – they always deliver to our brief and the data they provide is of a very high quality - we always experience a very low bounce rate.
They are now a trusted and preferred partner.
We began using Alert BI's HeadsOf.com division as a source of key contacts data during 2021. From the start, communications have been quick, professional, and easy. Data quality is high and great value for money. Their information covers the USA market brilliantly (we are based in California) and also Europe where we have expansion plans. Highly recommended.
SR Apprenticeships have had a great experience working with HeadsOf.com. Unlike most other providers, all their contacts data is freshly researched and validated just before it’s sent to clients, so it’s not been sitting on the shelf going stale. Their list of ‘heads of’ roles is extremely comprehensive so we were able to target just the right people, and supplementary advice on marketing campaigns and GDPR is readily available.
We use Alert most days and are finding lots of fresh information. The Alert team are always on the ball and customer service and support is great too
“We have experienced a 20-fold return on our investment in Alert’s services and are reaping other ongoing benefits, including enhanced credibility with customers and improved productivity.”
“Alert saves us valuable time identifying target organisations and complements our sales strategy perfectly.”
We needed to reach out to senior personnel as well as people in job roles to do with learning, emotional health and wellbeing.
HeadsOf.com seemed to be the only company that could provide contacts data that specific, and in the quantity we required.
Their business advisers are knowledgeable and not pushy salespeople.
We bought the data, found the quality was high and the service and communications were great. Highly recommended.
“I whole heartedly recommend Alert Business Intelligence for the best B2B data you can get anywhere – bang up-to-date, accurate, incredibly detailed, precision targeted and very easy to use. Alert’s data and customer service were a revelation.”
“We discovered HeadsOf.com via a Google internet search when looking for a HR contacts database. As well as general HR contacts they cover more specialist roles such the HSQE staff we had an interest in. The service and communications were quick and professional and the sample data was good - we purchased a dataset and have been busy communicating with that audience. The information is good. We also valued the advice the HeadsOf.com team provided about producing email content to maximise its impact, and the guidance about how best to set up and execute campaigns over the critical first three months of campaigning. Highly recommended..”
If you would like some guidance or have any queries, contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.

Clients we have worked with

We work with organisations and budgets of all sizes across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors globally. Our clients range from start ups and sole traders through to SMEs and global organisations such as: Google, Manpower, Mars, Trinity Mirror, Barclays, The Bank of England, IBIS and Hays.
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HeadsOf.com is a division of Alert Business Intelligence (AlertBI). Data that can be trusted should be at the heart of every business decision. Discover how HeadsOf.com and Alert BI’s range of other data , insights an.. Read More

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