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The Logic Pro is a beginner vape that comes in the form of a vape pen. It takes prefilled 1. Same as the Logic Compact which we recently reviewed, only Tobacco and Menthol are available in 18 mg, making them a clear choice for transitioning smokers. The Compact was a surprisingly good performer while being very easy to use. On March 24, , the U. The marketing order included Logic\’s tobacco-flavored refills, but the menthol refills remain under review by the agency.

This makes the Logic Pro and Power only the second and third vaping products authorized for sale in the U. The first was the Vuse Solo. These FDA orders only apply to U.

In other countries, the flavors described in this review may still be sold. The Logic Pro is a lightweight device and its cylindrical shape is convenient. It weighs in at 40 grams and measures at a little over 13 cm in height and around 1. That makes it a very pocketable vape pen—although a bit bigger than most pod style vapes. Compared to the Compact, which was really well-built, the Pro feels a bit cheaper. The main culprit behind that is the rubbery texture of it.

The plastic cartridges also feel a bit cheap, mainly due to the exclamation point sticker they have on. On a positive note, the removable metal mouthpiece is very ergonomic and comfortable, and the button is clicky and provides feedback when pressed. But all in all, the device feels less well-built than the Compact. Then screw the top part again in place. After that, just push the fire button while inhaling on the mouthpiece. The Logic Pro will automatically turn off if left unused for more than 12 minutes, which is a nice safety feature.

The Logic Pro has a draw that closely mimics that of a cigarette. It is a tight but comfortable draw that will feel familiar to smokers. You will not be blown away by the vapor production, but it is fine for this type of device.

The vapor is relatively cool, but the throat hit is there on the 18 mg cartridges. On the 12 mg cartridges however, throat hit is lacking, which was more or less the case with the Logic Compact too. The only issue we faced was some dry hits when taking successive long inhales.

If you tend to take many long drags in succession you will need to be careful with this device, as the cartridges may not keep up. The Pro features all five flavors that are available for the Logic Compact, plus three more: Watermelon, Vanilla and Blueberry.

Unfortunately, the only flavors available in 18 mg strength are once again Tobacco and Menthol. The capacity of the battery is mAh which is not bad considering that the Pro has a very low power output. A charge will easily get you through a whole day, or even more depending on how often you hit it. Expect to go through a bit under one and a half cartridge in one charge.

To charge it, you will have to remove the top part that contains the cartridge and screw the battery on the charger. When charging is complete, the light of the charger will turn green. It performs at a much higher level and comes with much much! Compared to the Logic Compact, it boils down to personal taste. The Pro comes in a vape pen form, has a longer battery life, and three more flavors to choose from. It is also button-operated, which means that you can use the button to warm it up instead of having to go through some quick puffs.

The Compact on the other hand is smaller, feels better built and is easier to use due to its two-piece design. It also never gave us a dry hit, no matter how much we tried. While the extra flavors of the Pro had us intrigued, the consensus was that we enjoyed using the Compact more. But both of these devices are great choices for a smoker looking to switch in a convenient way. Just make sure you get at least some of the 18 mg cartridges.

Even if you enjoy the fruity flavors, the throat hit of the higher nicotine cartridges will be useful for when you crave a cigarette.

My Logic Pro leaks alot and that gets into my mouth. I found the Logic Power design does not do that, and seems more like a cigarette.

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How does it hit? Are the flavors any good? Battery life and charging. Practical shape and form Many flavors to choose from Excellent Tobacco and Cherry flavors Draw resembles a cigarette Comfortable mouthpiece Good throat hit on 18 mg cartridges Relatively easy to use.

Best Beginner Vapes. Vaping Team. The Vaping team is a diverse group of experienced vaping contributors. We strive to bring you the finest content on all things vaping. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Andrea Dunhill. My logic pro charger has broken does anyone know where i can buy another?. Spyros Papamichail. Reply to Andrea Dunhill. Peter Donovan. Best Beginner Vapes in



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