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GIMP 2. This is a bugfix release, because we are giving most of our time and efforts to the development version 2. Note: you may have больше информации we skipped GIMP 2. A build bug has been discovered just after tagging the release. We recommend смотрите подробнее building and using GIMP 2.

To get a more complete list gimp 2 windows 10 changes, you should refer to the NEWS file or look at the commit history. Jacob Boerema got appointed a new co-maintainer of the manual repository gimp-help after porting its gimp 2 windows 10 to Python 3 and improving them. The Windows installer now contains Vietnamese and Lithuanian translations, making it available нажмите чтобы перейти 34 languages.

Translators on GIMP 2. More work than ever is happening around Windows lately, both within GIMP and the libraries it depends on.

In particular, we would like to thank Gimp 2 windows 10 Bacci, Jacob Boerema, LRNEll, and all the contributors who on top of Windows issues for this progress to happen, sometimes taking years of patience.

We remind that GIMP is made by you. Windows developers used to be very few too. As you can читать больше, this is clearly changing. You may have noticed that GIMP 2. Even this only happened because Jehan spent days to fix gimp 2 windows 10 build on the remote build server, bit by bit, without any local access to a macOS machine, nor any ways to run and test himself.

It is obviously not a sustainable release model. As usual, this release is supplemented больше информации the releases of babl 0.

As usual GIMP 2. The Linux flatpak has already been published so that anyone who installed it previously should have an update proposed by their software manager or gimp 2 windows 10 terminal: flatpak update org. The Windows installer is already available.

So if the download fails, just try to click the Download button again. Though we may likely get again exciting new features in further 2. You may have seen some of it, if you follow our work on social networks, or if you test nightlies of GIMP. Otherwise, you will have more surprises when we will release GIMP 2. Share this on: twitter Facebook. We felt confident enough to move the code to our main codebase. Some accessibility issues in themes were fixed, such as mouse-hover feedback or problematic colors.

A new Script-Fu function dir-make enables to create directories from scripts. Theme contributors : Kevin Payne gimp 2 windows 10 Stanislav Grinkov. Здесь Grinkov is now a new core developer.

Which is how several long-standing issues with GIMP on Windows finally got fixed: Very slow file dialogs : it used to happen when network devices were slow or unavailable, or pluggable devices disconnected, or even because of fake floppy drives configured in the BIOS.

This has взято отсюда fixed! If you ever run into this very issue, please report it to developers of such programs. Actually, this fix has been available since Перейти на страницу 2. Unfortunately, with GTK2 maintenance stopped, our patch was only available in the bugtracker and in our binaries, while it was beneficial to other GTK software, even in GTK3 or newer.

It has only recently been reworked and improved by Luca Bacci so gimp 2 windows 10 this problem is now officially fixed in GTK3 too! What about macOS? So if you gimp 2 windows 10 this to change, please join us! Downloading GIMP 2.



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GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software, you can change its source code. If you\’re looking for the current stable GIMP release instead, you can.