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Affinity designer export no background free download

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I need to turn this in So, I exported it as an eps and clicked no background. It has a background. Any suggestions? Thank you! Go to Document Setup Thank you very much!!! Appreciate it! Hi Firstdefence! I tried that just now and it did make the document transparent, so I exported it as eps. When I went to reopen it, its back to a white background. Desktop: new: Windows 11 Home, version 21H2 I can\’t get out of the habit of proofreading when I see artwork The plural of \”idea\” is \”ideas\”.

No need for that apostrophe. The only other app I have I have is inkscape and it doesn\’t take eps. I don\’t have AI. Any other suggestions?

Thank you. Inkscape can open EPS, you generally have to ungroup the eps after opening or import, sometimes you have to ungroup twice or more to get the individual components. I know nothing about it so is this transparent?

I don\’t know what that white rectangle is behind and couldn\’t get rid of it, but didn\’t try that hard. Well in AD and in most other graphics apps that gray checkerboard style background pattern already stays for, or indicates you the transparency here.

Did you used a document with a transparent background when you created your web buttons and menus? As you can see, in case you created the document with a solid color background a white one etc. We will continue sharing in-depth guides on using Illustrator features in the following weeks, such as how to use the Pen Tool, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our Learning Hub to learn more about using Vectornator.

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Tutorials Education. Get Vectornator. Ben Barnhart. How to Create a Transparent Background in Illustrator. Related articles. How to Make Money from Online Comics. How to Never Reach Creative Burnout. Making the background transparent, however, is not as easy as it sounds. You can select a single object, multiple objects, or a group of objects. It all works the same way. This will open up the Export Menu , from which you will be presented with a variety of file formats to export your work as.

Choose the PNG option, which is the very first option on the left-hand side:. Choosing the Whole Document option will export not just the graphic, but the entire canvas, along with all of its contents. Selecting this option will ensure that the only thing exported is the graphic you have selected. However, sometimes there is more work to it than this.

If your subject is complex you may need to follow the more detailed approach explained below. You should first find and open the image you want to edit with Affinity Photo to remove the background. We will use this Scottish Highland Bull as our model. Before you can make changes to the background you need to unlock the photo layer.

Go to the Layers Panel , and click on the little padlock icon next to the background pixel layer. Select it from the left side toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut W to activate it. Create a selection of the subject you want to keep by clicking and dragging. You can also select the background directly if your image has good contrast between the background and the subject. However, the sample I choose to work on is a bit more difficult. Once you have a fairly good selection, click on the Refine Selection button in the Context Toolbar.


Save Transparent PNG in Affinity Designer Ahmed Naxeem – Digital and Brand Identity designer.Affinity Designer Help

To export a PNG with a transparent background in Affinity Designer, select the object you\’d like to export and navigate to File > Export. In the Export Menu. So, I exported it as an eps and clicked no background. It has a background i downloaded free version of IA here is what it looks like.


Affinity designer export no background free download.Save Transparent PNG in Affinity Designer


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Affinity designer export no background free download.Affinity designer Brushes


Hello Y\’all! More details about what is in the video below! High-Resolution Scan For this example, I am showing you how I created my custom social media icons for my website. I used my HP printer to scan the icons on my computer. On my laptop, I change the scan resolution to at least over dpi and import the file.

For a better contrast between the icons and the background, you will want to turn all the colors to the lowest setting. Making the next step easier! Make sure the file is selected and click on the Select tab. Pick the \”Select Sample Color Click on the central background area and hit apply. Then click the delete button on your keyboard and boom! Depending on the paper\’s texture you may need to delete several different shades in the background.

If you have a note or spot that needs to be deleted use the eraser to finalize the cleanup. Prep file for Export. Now that you have the transparent background delete the black and white layer from the file, and you have your art back to the original settings. At this point, you can play with the contrast or any other edits to the art.

Once you are satisfied with the graphic, make sure you export it as a PNG to have a transparent background. I hope you found this and the video helpful! If you are interested in how I make my Pinterest graphics or anything else leave a comment below!

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